San Antonio Golden Gloves

Golden Gloves Boxing


12:00 pm - 3:00 pm

The San Antonio Regional Golden Gloves kicks off a new era in Golden Gloves boxing and turns a new page in San Antonio Golden Gloves history with a press conference and a meet & greet of past Golden Gloves champions. The iconic tournament series begins anew in San Antonio after a two year hiatus under new management and with women, for the first time, boxing for a spot on the San Antonio Golden Gloves Championship Boxing Team.
The San Antonio Golden Gloves will hold this event at the Social Spot located downtown at 930 Broadway starting at noon, 19 Jan 2019. They will discuss facades of Golden Gloves and their upcoming tournament. Additional activities will include a chance to socialize and mingle with some of the best boxers to come out of San Antonio and who have won National Golden Gloves Gold like Johnny Moreno, Tony Moreno, Mike Ayala and Danny Rios. As well, some of the young local talent will exhibit a little of what is to come with some sparing action. Also, a few coaches will showcase their abilities in preparation for the Best Mitt Man in San Antonio contest coming in February. San Antonio Regional Golden Gloves tournament starts 15 February 2019 at Lincoln Community Center – 2915 E. Commerce.